About MyPEC

MyPEC is a business simulation program provided by CBAL Solutions Sdn Bhd, an accredited strategic partner with several education institutions and entrepreneurship agencies in Malaysia, providing training programs in accounting, entrepreneurship and hotel management.

The MyPEC Story

In recognition of the profound need to find the elusive formula to bridge the perpetual missing-link between theory and practice as well as to nurture balanced individuals with world-wide perspectives, the Malaysia Practice Enterprise Centre (MyPEC) was established.

1. Purpose

Creating a holistic environment that nurture skill sets, values and entrepreneurship & leadership attributes

2. Philosophy

Principles of "Learning-by-Doing"

3. Transactionalising

Platform - Practice Enterprise

4. Giving Effect

Learning-by-doing Philosophy

The PE is a laboratory resembling a real working office with departments. It allows for the role-modelling of real industry practices whereby participants experience the terrains of the real world via the philosophy of learning-by-doing.

The work based environment builds employability, entrepreneurial, technical and core human skills, thus equipping participants with industry sought competencies

Key People

MyPEC has a panel of esteemed mentors, business and industry experts who have vast experience in their field of expertise.

They play key roles in the MyPEC training program.


Industry Experts